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Expletus Marketing, is one of the India's Leading Affiliate Network delivering performance on Mobile and Web, which offers online marketing solutions and marketing expertise dedicated to make innovative opportunities for each advertisers and publishers.
Go to World Class Affiliate or Publisher Support

World Class Affiliate or Publisher Support

Our team of dedicated affiliate managers work closely to help you build high-performance affiliate campaigns.

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High-Converting Products

Promote the high-quality advertiser or brand name products, including daily deals, best offers & fashion products etc.

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Advanced Sales Tracking & Reporting

Ensure you’re always on top of your product’s performance marketing with powerful sales tracking and reporting tools

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We market with a difference – Pay only after you get results! Tell us the objective & let us deliver.
Convert your website links to money making links without much effort on marketing & affiliate links!

Expletus Marketing is a top tier mobile performance network delivering Worldwide quality traffic on a large scale.We generate millions of clicks on a daily basis which convert to thousands of actions for our advertisers.

Our network of top tier publishers is growing rapidly every day due to our reliable and easy to use dashboard, our immediate service, and above all- our reliable and forthcoming payment policies. This is what allows us to deliver better traffic to our advertisers, on any kind of mobile device.

We pride ourselves on providing advertising that is risk free, on a CPI, CPA or CPL basis, so that we can help you attain your goals easily. Real time optimisation allows for better results in ongoing campaigns over time. We’re now running campaigns on Android, iOS and feature phones in over 150 countries, so we can accommodate a wide range of targeting needs.

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